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Leasing Sevice

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Long Term Leasing - The leasing is based on yearly. If leasing term lower than two years, FIRST CHOICE will serve with a good-condition used car. New car leasing service is provided only for customer who rents 2 years or above.

Short Term Leasing - A used car will be leased to customer who rents car of several months .Normally it is a 1- 4 years car, used 30000 to 80000 kilometers, and only leased with driver.
Daily Car Service- If you need car service in downtown for business or sight-seeing, FIRST CHOICE provides car service with fixed kilometer and time. Normally the fixed rate is for 100km and 10 hrs per day. Customers shall pay extra for the exceeding kilometers and hours.
Sight-seeing Car service - Car service for traveling to Great Wall, Ming Village, Ming Tombs, Wild Animal Zoo etc.
Tailor-made Car Service - To meet your unique needs we can provide tailor-made service on time, kilometers, payment, car model.
Weeding Leasing - Special for wedding. Book in advance.


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